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10 BIG Steps to Prevent Falls
Image shows and older man and woman sitting on a sofa and holding a laptop computer as they watch an online learning course.

Falls Prevention Awareness Week
Sept. 21-25, 2020

Sept. 21-25 is Falls Prevention Awareness Week in Ohio. To celebrate, the Ohio Department of Aging, through its STEADY U Ohio falls prevention initiative, challenges you to take 10 BIG Steps to Prevent Falls.

10 Big Steps to Prevent Falls logoEach day during the week, the department and its falls prevention partners will host a free, web-based learning opportunity on a different aspect of falls prevention. Each learning opportunity will be paired with a personal challenge or other activity to apply the lessons learned to your home, health, and habits. Done together, these learning opportunities and personal activities make up the 10 BIG Steps to Prevent Falls.

The 10 BIG Steps to Prevent Falls:

  • Steps 1 & 2: Learn about falls risk factors and do a self-assessment
    Monday, Sept. 21
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  • Steps 3 & 4: Learn about exercises to prevent falls and make a personal exercise plan
    Tuesday, Sept. 22
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  • Steps 5 & 6: Learn about home fall hazards and complete a home safety checklist
    Wednesday, Sept. 23
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  • Steps 7 & 8: Learn how to eat well to prevent falls and make a meal plan
    Thursday, Sept. 24
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  • Steps 9 & 10: Learn how to talk with your health care providers about falls and make a medication list
    Friday, Sept. 25
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10 BIG Steps to Prevent Falls is presented in collaboration with:

STEADY U Ohio falls prevention initiative