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About the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame
Image shows the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame inductees; 12 men and women in the Statehouse atrium.

2019 Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame inductees

The Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame honors and recognizes the vital role older adults play in their communities, our state, and the nation. It also promotes the benefits of active, productive, and purposeful living at all points in our lives.

Individuals selected for the Hall of Fame set an example for all Ohioans by leading lives not defined by age or barriers. They can be recognized for contributions and accomplishments after age 60 or for a continuation of effort and achievement begun before that age. Nominees must be outstanding in service to mankind through leadership, innovation, motivation, and contribution.

Nominations are accepted year-round and individuals are inducted each May during Older Americans Month.


  • Nominees must be age 60 or older and a native-born Ohioan or a resident of Ohio for at least ten years.
  • Posthumous nominations are accepted, provided the date of death is within the last five years and the individual was age 60 or older at the time of death.
  • Nominees will be evaluated on one or both of these factors:
    • The impact that their contributions and accomplishments have had in keeping Ohio on the leading edge of innovation and responsiveness to the growing and changing aging population; AND/OR
    • The degree to which they are respected and vital members of society who continue to grow, thrive and contribute.