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The Three H's of Falls Prevention
Two older woman smile and chat as they share breakfast together in a kitchen.

You can reduce your risk of falling by paying more attention to what we like to call the "Three H's:" Your home, your health, and your habits. Making your home safer starts with minor changes, but could also include both minor and major investments in safety now and into the future. As we age, our bodies change, and those changes sometimes can increase our risk of falling. Try our Falls Risk Self-Assessment to get a sense of where you're at.

We encourage you to check out our resources on home safety, exercise, nutrition, and daily habits, related to fall prevention. By understanding what happens to our bodies, making healthy choices and having ongoing conversations with our health care professionals, we can significantly reduce our risk of falling. Changing the way we do things, and dropping bad habits, can make a huge impact on our health and safety, especially with regard to falling.