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MyCare Ohio Ombudsman
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As a member of MyCare Ohio, you deserve excellent care.

Your MyCare Ohio plan includes all benefits available through traditional Medicaid and Medicare programs (unless you opted out of the Medicare benefits of MyCare Ohio), including long-term care services and mental health services.

You have the right to expect that your services through MyCare Ohio are:

  • Managed by professionals who understand your needs and preferences and who respond to your questions and comments;
  • Delivered by caregivers who are well-trained;
  • Provided with dignity and respect for you as an individual; and
  • Based on your choices

You have an advocate in the MyCare Ohio Ombudsman Program. Ombudsman staff can help you understand the services available to you through MyCare Ohio, as well as your rights as a MyCare Ohio consumer. If you are having problems with your care, ombudsman staff can work with you, your managed care plan (Aetna, Buckeye, CareSource, Molina or United Healthcare) and your providers to solve problems and ensure you get the care you need and deserve.

Ombudsman services are free!

As a MyCare Ohio member, you are in charge of your health care. You should be at the center of your MyCare Ohio team, which includes your care manager, your primary care doctor, specialists and other providers, as well as your family members and caregivers. You have the right to have a care plan that is created to meet your needs and honor your health care choices and preferences.

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer "no" to any of them, a MyCare Ohio Ombudsman might be able to help you resolve these issues with your plan and providers.

  • Do you know the name of your care manager?
  • Has your care manager contacted you?
  • Do you know how to contact your care manager?
  • Are you involved in writing your care plan?
  • Are you able to choose what is in your care plan?
  • Are you able to choose when and where you receive your health care services?
  • Can you find a provider who accepts your insurance?
  • Do your health care providers provide the services in your care plan?