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COVID-19 Vaccine and Long-Term Care Facilities
Image shows a row of COVID-19 vaccine vials.

Ohio is on THE ROAD BACK
And our long-term care providers are leading the way

Save lives. Build your immunity. Get vaccinated.

Nursing facility staff are on the front lines and risk being exposed to COVID-19 each day.  Early vaccination can protect you from getting sick, but also help protect your family members and those who you care for at work.

Roundtable Discussions

The Ohio Department of Aging hosted a series of roundtable discussions to give long-term care providers the opportunity to discuss COVID-19 vaccines with state and community vaccine experts, ask questions, and provide input to guide decision-makers.

Watch recordings of each roundtable session at the links below.


Ohio-specific frequently-asked Questions and answers

Printable Posters - download and print these posters to let staff and residents know the dates of your next vaccination clinic

Resources from the CDC - Facilities can use or adapt these ready-made materials to build confidence about COVID-19 vaccination among facility staff. Resources include fact sheets, stickers, sample letters to staff, and additional FAQs.

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