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Where to Use Your Card
Image shows a male and female shopper checking out merchandise through a store window while carrying their purchases in bright-colored, reusable bags.

The best way to use your Golden Buckeye Card is to ask. Some, but not all, participating merchants display the Golden Buckeye logo. Look for it on their door, in their window, or at the checkout. If they don’t have a logo posted, ask if they participate. Anytime and anywhere you spend money, ask if they accept the card or offer another discount for which you may qualify.

Examples of participating businesses:

In addition, your Golden Buckeye Card includes the Ohio Best Rx prescription drug savings program.

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Due to the large number of participating businesses throughout Ohio, we do not maintain an online or printed list of businesses. Again, ask for a Golden Buckeye or similar discount wherever you do business.

Disclaimer of Endorsement: Business information shared on the Golden Buckeye and Ohio Department of Aging webpages and social media channels is self-reported by the listed businesses. Listings are intended as examples of the types of businesses that participate in the program and are not inclusive of all participating businesses. Businesses that honor the Golden Buckeye Card do so voluntarily, pay no fee to participate, and receive no compensation from the State of Ohio for their participation. No other business relationship between the business and the Ohio Department of Aging exists or should be inferred. The Ohio Department of Aging does not recommend or endorse any listed business or any products or services offered by a listed business. Any correspondence or business dealing between any user of this webpage and any listed business are solely between the user and the listed business. The Ohio Department of Aging shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind as a result of any such business dealings or the listing of a business on the Golden Buckeye and Ohio Department of Aging webpages and social media channels.