10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls: Register your group or event

10 Million Steps to Prevent FallsThe Ohio Department of Aging's STEADY U Ohio initiative is looking for community organizations, businesses, state and local government agencies, faith based organizations and other interested organizations and groups to help take “10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls.”

Big or small, organized or informal, your group or event can help us achieve our goal of having at least 4,000 Ohioans walk a minimum of one mile to raise awareness of the seriousness of older adult falls and the many things older Ohioans can do to prevent them.

  • Groups: Groups can be co-workers, friends, church groups, civic organizations, government groups, school teams and clubs, neighborhood groups and more. To participate as a group, simply register then encourage your group members to walk at least one mile on Sept. 23, 2019 (or any time during September). We will provide you with educational materials about falls that you can share with your group. Members should report their miles walked to a point person in the group, who will report the group's total to STEADY U Ohio.
  • Events: Events are hosted by an organization or group. They are an opportunity to educate neighbors about older adult falls, as well as promote your group or organization. Events should be held on Sept. 23 or any time during September, and can be open to the public or for your members only. At a minimum, an event should consist of a one-mile (or longer) group fitness walk and opportunities to learn about older adult falls (e.g., educational materials, guest speakers). An event representative will report the number of people who participated in your event and how many miles were walked.

To register your group or event, complete the form on this page. Information you submit about your event will be posted on the "10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls" webpage and included in our statewide promotion of the event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can host an event or lead a group?

Basically anybody. Past event hosts have included senior centers, churches, area agencies on aging, county and city health departments, wellness programs, schools, civic and fraternal organizations, senior housing complexes, businesses, health care providers and more. Friend groups and families also count.

When should our group walk or host our event?

The official day for “10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls” is Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. That is when we would prefer you hold your event for the biggest bang statewide. However, any events held or miles walked by your group during the month of September can count toward our total.

Where can we host an event?

Potential event locations include indoor and outdoor walking tracks, community parks, hiking trails (including Ohio State Parks), parking lots, city sidewalks, malls and more - basically any place you and your guests or group members can walk at least a mile safely. If you don’t own the location (such as a park, mall or business parking lot), it’s a good idea to get permission first.

We already have an unrelated event scheduled for September, can we count it?

Yes. Simply add and promote an opportunity for your attendees to walk a mile at your event and make information available about older adult falls. Past events have included farmers’ markets, senior days at public venues, health fairs, county fairs, local festivals and more.

How many people should we have?

Past events and groups have ranged in size from two people to more than 1,000. Every individual’s contribution can help us reach our goal and raise awareness. Individuals can participate as well by posting a selfie of them walking to social media with the hashtags #10MStepsOH and #PreventFalls.

We have a walking group that already walks regularly. Can their steps count?

Yes. You can count their steps for the month of September and report them to STEADY U, provided that you talk to your group members or provide them information about older adult falls.

What if some members in our group want to participate but can't walk a full mile (or at all)?

That’s fine! Every bit counts. Count the parts of a mile they do walk toward your group’s total. Distances “walked” in a wheelchair or scooter also count, as that activity is still beneficial to prevent falls.

How can we promote our event or group?

Once you register, we will send you the link to a partner toolkit with logos, posters, fliers, newsletter articles, social media posts, fact sheets, tip sheets and more that you can customize to spread the word about your event. Please post any pictures taken during your event to social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtags #PreventFalls and #10MStepsOH. We will see these and share/repost them.

What information will we need to report from our event or group?

Group and event hosts will be sent a link to an online reporting form that asks for: The name of your group or event, a contact person and information, the date and location of your event (if applicable), number of participants and total miles walked. Please note, you do not need to track or calculate the number of steps, we will make those calculations based on statewide formula. Also, we do not need the names of individual walkers.



  • Please note: This form is for groups and organizations hosting walking events. Individual participants do not need to register.

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  • By clicking the "Register your event" button below, you are agreeing to allow the Department of Aging to publish the information provided by you above (with the exception of your email address) on the STEADY U Ohio website and share the same information with media upon request.