Become a Golden Buckeye Participating Business

Ohio’s Golden Buckeye Card program is the oldest and largest partnership in the country between businesses and state government to benefit older Ohioans and people with disabilities. We invite you to become one of the thousands of Ohio businesses that recognize our seniors and people with disabilities with special savings on goods and services. There is no cost to participate, you determine the amount and type of savings you wish to offer, and you can change your participation at any time. For questions about being a participating business, please call 614-728-0253.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost for businesses to participate in the Golden Buckeye program. Your participation is completely voluntary and you set the benefit you would like to offer cardholders.

What should we offer cardholders?

You can offer cardholders whatever benefit you like. We recommend choosing an offer that works well for you in a business sense, yet offers meaningful value to the cardholder so that they will continue to use your business. Some participating businesses offer a flat percentage (usually 5-10 percent) off all purchases, though some will offer a set dollar-off amount or a free or reduced cost product or service (such as a beverage or consultation). You can also apply conditions to your offer, such as being available on certain days or limit one per customer. You can change your offer at any time, just submit a new participation agreement.

How do we update our business or offer information?

To update your business information in the Golden Buckeye program records or change your offer to cardholders, simply submit a new business participation agreement.

Who is eligible for my Golden Buckeye offer?

Your offer must be available to all Golden Buckeye cardholders, which include any Ohioan age 60 or older AND some adults age 18-59 who have a permanent and total disability. Disability qualification is verified by Golden Buckeye authorized staff before cards are issued.

Does my company receive any reimbursement or compensation for participating?

No, your participation in the program is completely voluntary and the Golden Buckeye program offers no compensation or reimbursement of costs you incur through your participation. To control costs, we recommend adding some conditions or limitations to your offer, such as making it available on certain days, on certain products or up to a certain amount.

How do we let customers know we honor the Golden Buckeye card?

We recommend posting signs in your location(s) promoting your participation, especially at entrances and points of sale. It's also a good idea to include information about your participation in any advertising, as well as on your website and social media accounts. On request, we can provide decals and signage, as well as electronic logos you can use to create your own promotional materials. As long as we have a Business Participation Agreement on record for your business, you are authorized to use the Golden Buckeye logo in your promotional activities. Call 614-728-0253 to request promotional materials.

We also recommend you follow and interact with the Golden Buckeye Program page on Facebook to raise awareness of your participation.

How do we cancel our participation in the Golden Buckeye program?

We hate to see you go, but removing your business from the program is easy. Just call 614-728-0253 during normal business hours.

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