Older Americans Month 2020 - Make Your Mark


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Each year, organizations around the state host local events to celebrate Older Americans Month. Events include luncheons, outings, health and information fairs, volunteer drives, and more.

This list is continually updated throughout May. Please check back often for the most complete list.

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Community organizations are encouraged to partner to create events to mark Older Americans Act and provide services or resources to local residents. Potential local parnerships include:

  • Public libraries: Events to highlight older adult authors, readers, etc.
  • Museums or galleries: Senior art shows; workshops or classes for older adults
  • Conservatories or botanical gardens: Gardening classes; garden tours
  • Grocery stores: Older adult nutrition tours or cooking demonstrations
  • State or local parks: Discounts, hikes, nature programs, and special events
  • Farmers’ markets: kick-off event featuring older farmers and consumers
  • Transportation providers: Free trips to parks or other events, classes on how to use public transportation, CarFit classes
  • Fire departments: Smoke alarms installation or safety inspections
  • Veterans organizations and historical societies: Event that honors veterans
  • Other Community organizations:  Volunteer or resource fairs
  • Schools: Student-led technology classes, classes for gardening, cooking, reading, technology, hiking, walking, etc.

Local Events

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