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A young woman helps and older worman cross the street. The older woman is using a walker.

Image is the STEADY U Ohio falls prevention inititiative logo. It features a large letter U and the word STEADY on a blue banner in front of a red shape of the state.STEADY U Ohio is a falls prevention initiative led by the Ohio Department of Aging and supported by Ohio government and state business partners. Our goals are to coordinate and strengthen falls prevention activities around the state. 

Falls are not a normal part of aging, but older adults are at increased risk for a potentially life-changing tumble. This website is a one-stop resource for older Ohioans, their families, and certain service providers to learn about the many, simple ways falls can be prevented.

You can reduce your risk of falling by paying attention to what we call the "Three H's:" Your home, your health, and your habits.

  • Home: Look at each room in your home and learn how to recognize and remove hazards that can cause you to slip or trip. Discover small and large improvements that will make your home safer in the long run.
  • Health: By making healthy choices and having ongoing and honest conversations with our health care professionals, we can significantly reduce our risk of falling.
  • Habits: Our bodies change as we age, and so should the ways we do certain everyday tasks. 

Start your journey to being a steadier you with our Falls Risk Self-Assessment.