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PASSPORT Eligibility

Image shows a home health worker helping an older man groom himself in the bathroom.

Eligible PASSPORT participants are:

  • Age 60 or older;
  • Financially eligible for Medicaid institutional care (for 2022, this means typically earning no more than $2,523 per month for one person and having no more than $2,000 in countable assets, though individuals above this limit may be eligible based on the extent of their medical and in-home needs);
  • Frail enough to require a nursing home level of care; and
  • Able to remain safely at home with the consent of their physician.

For more information and to determine your eligibility, contact the PASSPORT Administrative Agency serving your area. To find out if you may be eligible for Medicaid, visit Ohio Benefits.

Estate Recovery

Some costs incurred by the state for PASSPORT care may be subject to estate recovery. Estate Recovery is required by the federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, and by Section 5111.11 of the Ohio Revised Code. All Medicaid services provided to persons age 55 or older are subject to recovery, including physician visits, outpatient visits and home- and community-based waiver services like PASSPORT and all medically related Medicaid services. For more information about estate recovery, contact your county Department of Job and Family Services.