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PASSPORT Consumer-Directed Service Options

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PASSPORT Consumer-Directed Service Options gives people in the PASSPORT program more choice and control over how they receive services. You or your authorized representative can use these options to hire your own workers. There are two options: from a Choices-Home Care Attendant Service (C-HCAS) or Personal Care Service.

  • Choices-Home Care Attendant Service (C-HCAS): You train the worker on tasks that you need done, including ongoing training. You negotiate your worker's hourly pay rate with the help of your care manager.
  • Personal Care Service: You can hire a worker who is certified as a state tested nurse aide (STNA) or home health aide (HHA). Or, you can hire someone who has completed a 60-hour training program approved by the Ohio Department of Aging and 12 hours of continuing education, each year. Your worker will be paid the state-contracted hourly pay rate.

Your Responsibilities

To use Consumer-Directed Service Options, you and your case manager must agree that a consumer directed service plan is right for you. You will work with your case manager to develop a care plan. From there, you recruit, hire, and train your workers. You will receive training to help you direct your own services.

You are responsible to manage, schedule, supervise, and if necessary, fire your workers. You and your care manager work together with the financial management service to track service hours and payroll.

Who Can You Hire?

There are some limits to who you can hire. Your care worker cannot be a parent, step-parent, spouse, guardian, power of attorney, or durable power of attorney.

Consumer Direction is Optional

Consumer Direction is voluntary and not appropriate for everyone. With both service options, you or your authorized representative must be able to advocate for yourself. This includes knowing your rights and being able to communicate and solve problems. Self-directed care may be right for you if you agree with any of these statements:

  • I am satisfied with the home and community-based services that help me continue living in the community.
  • I have special health needs (e.g., memory impairment, chronic health problem or disability) or cultural needs (e.g., language) that could be better met by a service where I can use workers that I know, like my family or friends.
  • My life could be improved if I had more control over my services and could hire workers that I know and tell them what to do and when.
  • I can describe how taking responsibility for my services will benefit me.
  • I am interested in managing the help that I need so I can live in the community.
  • I can write out a plan, on my own or with help, for the activities that help me stay in the community.
  • I can take on the responsibility as an employer, including finding, hiring, and managing workers, or I can do so if someone helps me.
  • I know someone who can help me with the responsibility of being an employer, if needed.

Your PASSPORT Administrative Agency can help you better understand self-directed care options.