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Image is a closeup of a health care worker, wearing a stethoscope around his neck, holdin ghe hands of an older man whose lap is covered by a blue blanket.

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, is a managed care model. It provides participants with all of their needed health care, medical care, and ancillary services in acute, sub-acute, institutional, and community settings. Services include primary and specialty care, adult day health services, personal care services, inpatient hospital care, prescription drugs, occupational and physical therapies, and nursing home care.

Ohio's PACE site is in Cleveland, managed by McGregor PACE Center for Senior Independence. McGregor PACE receives full capitation from both Medicare and Medicaid. They have an inter-disciplinary team that directs and provides the care of their participants. The site pools its resources to pay for whatever services an individual needs, including services not otherwise covered by Medicare or Medicaid. This flexibility enables them to be proactive in their care of participants.

To be eligible for PACE, participants must be age 55 or older and live in the Cleveland area. Participants can also pay for their own services. If you are unable to pay for PACE services, you may qualify for Medicaid assistance. To get Medicaid assistance with paying for PACE, you must also qualify for coverage under the institutional financial eligibility standards. To determine if you may be eligible for Medicaid, visit Ohio Benefits.

PACE participants also must need an intermediate or skilled level of care and be willing to receive all of their care from PACE program providers. In addition, participants must be able to remain safely in a community setting at the time of initial enrollment.