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Three Department of Aging staff members gather around a computer to discuss what is on the screen.

The Department of Aging is organized into nine divisions. Each division performs or supports a critical function of the agency or the aging network.

Executive Division

The Executive Division (EXEC) directs the daily operation of the department. Staff set goals, draft budgets, and guide policy. They represent the agency to partners, decision makers, and the people we serve. They propose and analyze legislation, and offer testimony. They support the development of person-centered programs and services.
Director: Ursel McElroy
Assistant Director: Jennifer Carlson

Analytics and Compliance Division

The Analytics & Compliance Division (ACD) helps the department and our partners improve service delivery. Staff monitor the performance and compliance of contracted providers. They compile and analyze data. Using business intelligence, they help department and area agency staff make decisions about the delivery and management of programs and services.
Division Chief: Dr. Mina Chang

Communications and Government Outreach Division

The Communications and Government Outreach Division (CGO) coordinates public and media outreach. Staff create and distribute publications and resources to educate and inform multiple audiences. These include articles, newsletters, videos, websites, social media, and more. Staff plan special events and recognitions, such as the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame. Staff also operate the Golden Buckeye program.
Division Chief: Nathan Takitch

Division for Community Living

The Division for Community Living (DCL) manages home and community-based services for seniors and younger adults with disabilities. These services are accessed through the Aging and Disability Network. Staff operate long-term care programs funded by Medicaid, state funds, and grants. Programs include the PASSPORT Waiver program, the Assisted Living Waiver program, and PACE. The division coordinates with Ohio's PASSPORT administrative agencies and contracted service providers.
Division Chief: Kim DeDino

Elder Connections Division

The Elder Connections Division (ECD) operates community services and supports paid for by the federal Older Americans Act and other sources. Services include nutrition, transportation, caregiver support, disease self-management, and more. Staff develop health, wellness, and prevention programs throughout the aging network. They coordinate with area agencies on aging, other state agencies, providers, and local partners. They also operate evidence-based programs to improve health and prevent injury, such as the HEALTHY U and STEADY U initiatives.
Division Chief: Carmen Clutter

Fiscal Division

The Fiscal Division (FD) monitors the programs, services, and agencies that receive our funding. Staff ensure compliance with applicable regulations, statutes, and policies. They manage grants, process payments, and track spending. They manage the department's purchasing, revenue, travel, and inventory. Staff also prepare and monitor the biennial budget for the department.
Division Chief: Susan Ballinger

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division (HRD) plans for and supports our workforce. Staff hire new employees, process payroll, and manage employee benefits. They coordinate staff development and wellness initiatives. They oversee labor relations, equal employment opportunity compliance, and employee policies and procedures.
Division Chief: Joan Olivieri

Information Systems Division

The Information Systems Division (ISD) supports the technological needs of the department and the aging network. Staff design, implement, and support the department's primary network. They also design and maintain information systems for  agency programs. Staff purchase, configure, and maintain computer equipment and software systems. They provide help desk services and specialized training programs for employees and partners. Staff also provide facility management and basic services like supplies, office equipment, and mail.
Division Chief: Terri Bettinger

Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

The Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman safeguards the rights of consumers of long-term care and other services throughout Ohio. The division's mission is to advocate for excellence wherever consumers live. Representatives of the State Ombudsman throughout Ohio seek resolution of problems and advocate for home care consumers and residents of long-term care facilities, with the goal of enhancing their quality of life and care. Division staff manage the Long-term Care Consumer Guide, which provides information about Ohio nursing homes, residential care facilities, and class 2 residential facilities.
State Long-Term Care Ombudsman: Jackie DeGenova
Deputy State Long-Term Care Ombudsman: Erin Pettegrew

In addition, the Ohio Department of Aging houses and supports the work of the Board of Executives of Long-Term Services and Supports.