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Improving the lives of people with dementia through innovative training Bookmark

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Caring for adults with dementia can be challenging and often requires caregivers to get to know the individuals they care for. Unfortunately, with limited time and resources, nursing homes have relied too heavily on medications as the quickest and most direct way to address difficult behaviors. Erin Pettegrew, State Long-Term Care Ombudsman for Ohio, describes a new grant initiative to raise the bar for dementia care.

Manage diabetes to give your body the fuel it needs Bookmark

Understanding and managing diabetes
Following diagnosis of diabetes, find an education program that will help you live a full life. Our health & wellness administrator, Berrie Mabins, explains diabetes and how an education program can help you manage it.

O’Connor dementia announcement underscores importance of a coordinated state response, caregiver support Bookmark

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Dementia strategies woven throughout Ohio’s new State Plan on Aging

Toolkit helps Ohioans adopt safe medication practices for better health Bookmark

Take, store and dispose of medications safely.
Ruth Emptage, PharmD, BCGP, from the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and member of the Ohio Pharmacists Association, describes the Generation Rx initiative and three important steps you and older loved ones can take to ensure you take, store and dispose of medications properly.

Public Notices: Ohio’s HCBS Transition Plan - Formal Public Comment Period Bookmark

Public Notices: Ohio’s HCBS Transition Plan - Formal Public Comment Period

Financial power of attorney keeps you in the driver’s seat regarding your assets Bookmark

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Evaluate your financial well-being during National Financial Planning Month

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