STEADY U: Preventing Falls... One Step at a Time

Sample Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide information and guidance on the management of slip, trip and fall risks within [company name]. This policy details particular measures for the management of factors leading to slips, trips and falls. Slips and trips resulting in falls are a common cause of injuries to both employees and clients within [company name]. Planning and pro-active management together with good housekeeping can dramatically reduce these accidents.

Scope of policy

This policy describes the procedures, which should be followed, and the factors which should be taken into account by all employees when dealing with aspects of slips, trips and falls in the workplace.







Management will introduce systems that will:


Secure progressive improvement in reducing slips, trips and falls by:


Ensure health and safety by:

Workplace risk assessments

Workplace/environment risk assessments should consider the potential hazards associated with slips, trips and falls (e.g. flooring, lighting, wires etc.) and identify the control measures required to eliminate, reduce or control such risk.


Slips, trips and falls must be reported and investigated according to the Accident/Incident Reporting Policy. To document, the accident/incident form must be used.

Near misses associated with slip, trip and fall hazards must always be reported and investigated in the same manner so that management can address the cause(s) and reduce the likelihood of an accident happening.

Implementation plan - Training/awareness

Slips, trips and falls training is covered in the Health and Safety Training. Properly train employees, particularly in the correct use of any safety and equipment provided. Clearly state who is responsible for what; this will help to minimize risks.

Appendix A - Managing the risks of slips, trips and falls

There are many simple measures that employees and management can take to reduce or eliminate slip, trip or fall risks.

Appendix B - Slips, trips and falls - Likely causes

Slip, trip and fall accidents may have different causes, but they often have the same result. By looking at the contributing factors separately, it is possible to find out more accurately the cause of the slip or trip accident.

A. Slip hazards

B. Trip hazards

C. Fall hazards

D. Factors which increase risk