STEADY U: Preventing Falls... One Step at a Time

Slips, Trips and Falls Hazard Checklist

Survey your workspace to identify potential causes for slips, trips and falls. If you find any of the following items, document the location and severity and create a plan to remove the risk.


Do tiles, linoleum, or other flooring have holes, cracks, or bumps?
Is carpeting buckled, loose or frayed?
Are carpet edges curled up?
Does floor feel greasy or slippery?
Are liquid contaminants present (water, grease, oil, cleaning solutions, coffee)?
Are dry contaminants present (powder, dirt, flour, food)?
Are there sudden changes in floor elevation?
Are there metal grates or mesh flooring in the walkway?
Are water absorbent walk-off mats used in entrances?
Are slip resistant mats used in wet areas?
Are there gaps, cracks, or holes in the outdoor walkway?
Is the walkway uneven, with abrupt changes in level?
Is there debris (pebbles, rocks, leaves, grass clippings) on the walkway?
Are there any slippery conditions present (water, grease, ice, snow)?
Are outside drain pipes or down spouts spilling water on walkways?

Stairs and handrails

Are stairway risers and steps all of uniform size?
Are handrails provided on slopes, ramps, and stairs?
Do handrails extend at least as far as the last step?
Are handrails secured?
Are rugs secured on the steps?


Are cords bundled using a cord organizer?
Are cords on the floor covered with a beveled protective cover or tape?
Are cords mounted under the desk or on equipment?
Are hallways, stairs, and walkways clear of clutter (boxes, cords, equipment)?
Is there appropriate storage (closet, shelves, hooks, lockers)?
Are stepstools available for use in areas with overhead storage?
Do mats have abrupt squared-off edges, lacking a bevel?
Are mat edges curled up or flipped over?
Do mats slide around on the floor?


Are employees wearing slip-resistant shoes?
Do shoe soles have worn-down tread?
Is the shoe sole tread clogged: with dirt, food, debris, or snow?


Are light bulbs burned out?
Are any areas dim, poorly lit, or shadowy?
Does lighting create glare on the floors?
Is a flashlight available for power outages?