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Ohio Department of Aging Press Release

Dec. 5, 2012

Golden Buckeye program helps Ohioans be savvy holiday shoppers

"Like" the Golden Buckeye Facebook page for daily shopping tips

COLUMBUS - Through December, the Golden Buckeye program will offer a daily "Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper" tip on its page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ohiogoldenbuckeye). The tips offer daily advice about comparison shopping and finding discounts, as well as things consumers can do to keep themselves and their money safe, whether they are shopping at the mall, by phone or online.

Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper tip of the day"The advice we are offering consumers comes from more than 35 years of the Golden Buckeye program building relationships between Ohioans, the state, large and small businesses and their communities," said Bonnie Kantor-Burman, director of the Ohio Department of Aging, which operates the Golden Buckeye program. "Working together, we help older adults and people with disabilities live healthy, independent and rewarding lives. We are using new media tools and partnerships to empower our elders and strengthen our communities as we adapt to serve our growing and changing older population."

In addition to holiday shopping tips, followers of the Golden Buckeye Program Facebook page will learn about participating businesses across the state, get advice for healthy and active living and learn about state and community programs and resources. Business and community leaders can follow and interact with the page to reach new customers and learn about resources that can help them integrate the needs of their aging customers and residents into their plans and services.

More than two million Ohioans are eligible for the Golden Buckeye card, honored at 20,000 businesses statewide. Golden Buckeye cardholders have saved an estimated $2 billion since the program's launch in 1976. All Ohioans age 60 or older, as well as adults age 18-59 who have disabilities as defined by Social Security, are eligible for a free Golden Buckeye card. Visit www.GoldenBuckeye.com to learn more and to find participating businesses in your area.

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Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper Tips
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A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper plans a budget before heading out, and sticks to it. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper makes a list and checks it twice. Know who you want to buy for and have a couple of options within your budget. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper checks the adds. Compare prices online and in circulars. Check store price matching policies before heading out.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper uses gift cards to make purchases to stretch your budget. Stock up on gift cards to stores where you plan to make large purchases. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper plans their route to save time and gas. Shop efficiently and visit shops in the same area in the same trip. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper is ready with supplies. Have wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, tags and tape on hand. Or, ask if the store will wrap it for you for free!
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper uses recyclable totes as gift bags. Why not save on wrapping paper while being green? A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper shops safely online. Use trusted sources and secure websites. Consider one-time use credit or debit cards for purchases. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper reads the return policies. Whether shopping online or in a store, make sure you understand the seller's return policy.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper always asks for a gift receipt. Have the salesperson attach it to the gift when you checkout. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper goes to the post office early. Plan ahead to ensure your presents are present for the holidays. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper buys gift cards. Gift cards are great for last-minute gifts and many stores will give you fuel points, rewards or bonus gift cards for purchasing them.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper surfs the Web for discount deals. Sign up for websites that offer discounted deals and check the forums of online deal-seeker communities. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper shops alone. You are more likely to spend more when shopping with others, and it typically takes longer than shopping solo. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper buys the smaller ticket items before buying the big ticket items. After spending large amounts of money, you may have a distorted sense of value.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper saves their receipts and continues to check ads. Most stores will price match or refund the difference. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper shops safe and sound. Keep and eye on your purse or wallet. Park in well-lighted areas and pay attention to your surroundings. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper weighs the merits of different payment methods. Whether it is debit, credit or cash, all payment types have their pros and cons.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper gets on e-mail lists. Sign up for e-mails or 'like' businesses on Facebook to get notifications of special deals and limited offers. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper doesn't buy for the 'person who has everything.' Consider making a charitable donation in his or her name, instead. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper saves money by skipping the soda. Drinks can add significantly to the cost of the meal. Drink water instead to save money and holiday calories.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper knows that store brands do not equal lower quality. Today's generic producs are often just as good as name brands, at significantly lower prices. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper works with friends to divide and conquer. Strategize about gifts and store locations with friends. YOu may be able to cover more ground, saving time and money. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper cashes in their change. Many of those automated coin counting machines will waive their usual service fee if your convert your change into a featured gift card rather than cash.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper makes gift purchases that keep on giving. Ask where you shop if the store gives community rewards to schools and not-for-profit organizations in the community. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper gets personal with a personalized photo album, calendar, coffee mug or puzzle for an older relative. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper doesn't brag about travel plans. When you post your plans for holiday travel on Facebook, you tell the world you're not home.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper knows that membership has its perks. For the family that has kids but too much 'stuff,' purchase a membership to the local zoo, art museum science center or recreation center. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper shops online but buys at the store to compare prices, but save on shipping costs. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper saves money while having fun. Watching your budget need not mean giving up outings. Check out the Discover Ohio website for specials on packages and free activities.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper shares his or her time and talent! Contact your local nursing home and ask if you can come in to go caroling for the residents. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper keeps the change. Put change from cash purchases ina separate pocket and combine it when you get home. You'll be surprise how it adds up. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper beats postal rate increases. Stock up on Forever Stamps, including holiday designs, at today's prices to beat future postage hikes. Buy cards on clearance after the holidays.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper hires an elf. Consider hiring a trustworthy neighborhood teenager or relative to help out with shopping, wrapping, baking, cleaning or whatever your needs may be. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper gives the gift of food. A bag of groceries given to a busy family or one tha tmay be on a tight budget will be appreciated more than clothes or toys. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper doesn't 'gift and tell.' Resist the urge to share details or pictures of that expensive new givt you gave or received on social media.
A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper hits the clearance sales after the holidays! With sales that sometimes reach 90 percent off, stock up on the things you know you'll need next year. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper trades mall walking for an outdoor stroll. the fresh air and exercise will make you feel fantastic. A Golden Buckeye Savvy Shopper sends 2012 out on a high note. If you are going out to celebrate on New Year's Eve, be safe.

About ODA - The Ohio Department of Aging works to ensure that Ohio is on the leading edge of innovation and responsiveness to the growing and changing aging population. We work with state agencies, area agencies on aging and other local partners to help integrate aging needs into local plans and ensure that aging Ohioans have access to a wide array of high-quality services and supports that are person-centered in policy and practice. Our programs include the PASSPORT Medicaid waiver, the long-term care ombudsman program, the Golden Buckeye Card and more. Visit www.aging.ohio.gov.


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