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The Ohio Department of Aging

Ohio Department of Aging Older Americans Month

Aging. It's Everybody's Business. Older Americans Month, 2016

May was Older Americans Month, but we continue to show how aging is everybody's business all year long!

Ohio has 2.5 million residents over the age of 60 and our 60-plus population is growing more than 20 times faster than our overall population. These trends present both opportunities and challenges for Ohio and its communities to unleash the power possessed by our elders by providing supports and meaningful ways for our Golden Buckeyes to continue to grow, thrive and contribute.

With more Ohioans living 'well beyond' 60, it is important to work together at all levels to help each other 'live well' beyond 60. This is not a goal that can be achieved by one or even a few groups working together.

Indeed, aging is everybody's business!

Ohio's aging network has blazed a trail by fostering programs and initiatives that promote health, wellness and prevention; offer increased opportunities for elders to contribute to community success; and maintain access to high-quality, person-centered long-term services and supports for those who need them. We are working beyond the traditional partnerships and engaging communities, governments, businesses, individuals and others to design and implement solutions that address the issues, opportunities and impact of an aging population.

Pledge to make aging your business

No matter your age, you can live "Well Beyond 60!" by taking the "Aging. It's Everybody's Business Pledge":

  • I pledge to challenge ageist views and negative stereotypes about aging wherever I see them;
  • I pledge to make lifestyle changes that will decrease the likelihood of chronic disease and injury as I age;
  • I pledge to help others understand that aging has both challenges and benefits at every stage of life; 
  • I pledge to remember that all Ohioans deserve opportunities to grow, thrive and contribute throughout their lifespans; and
  • I pledge to make aging my business and challenge my community leaders, business owners, co-workers, family and friends to make aging their business, too!

Download printable pledge cards.
Adult Version | Kids Version


A few ways to make aging your business:

Over 60:

  • Talk to your health care provider about lifestyle changes that can improve your overall health and wellness, as well as decrease your risk of injury and disability.
  • Volunteer in your community to stay active and engaged.
  • Mentor younger generations and model positive attitudes toward aging.
  • Go back to school or participate in local programs to learn new skills.
  • Express yourself through art.

Under 60:

  • Talk to your health care provider about healthy choices you can make now to improve your health and wellness, as well as delay or avoid chronic disease and disability later in life.
  • Start planning today for possible future care needs, and have a plan to ensure your preferences are met.
  • Explore community resources that help families care for their aging loved ones.
  • Volunteer in your community to improve the lives and care of older adults.


  • Include the needs and preferences of your community elders in plans and initiatives.
  • Explore changes to make your community elder-friendly.
  • Provide opportunities for elders to contribute in meaningful ways.
  • Build and promote programs and initiatives that bring generations together.


  • Provide opportunities within your workforce for older workers to continue to contribute and grow.
  • Consider the needs of workers who may be providing care for older loved ones.
  • Make your workplace a fall-free zone for employees, customers and visitors.
  • Implement business policies and practices that make it easier for older adults to access your goods and services.
  • Participate in community initiatives to improve the health and wellness of elders.


Well Beyond 60 - We know that the choices we make throughout our lives have a much greater impact on our health and wellness than genetics. We also know that, regardless of our age or current physical condition, there is always something we can do to be healthier and prevent worsening illness or injury or to help a loved one live with dignity and respect.

Giving back moves us all forward - Golden Buckeyes have much to contribute by sharing their knowledge and experiences, mentoring younger generations, learning new skills and remaining in or returning to the workforce. Older adults who stay active see improved physical and mental health, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

We're in this together - Ohio has a responsive system of services and supports to help aging Ohioans with long-term needs live where they prefer and enjoy the support of their families and continue to contribute to their communities.

Promotional Toolkit

Older Americans Month Partner toolkit

Find everything you need to promote the "Aging. It's Everybody's Business" theme in your community, including images, social media posts, tips and more.
Access the toolkit...

Tell us how aging is YOUR business!

  1. Download and print the sign(s) below.
  2. Using a felt-tip marker, complete the thought at the top of the page.
  3. Post a picture or selfie of you holding the sign to social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), and include the hashtag #WellBeyond60 (When posting to Facebook, remember to set the post privacy to "public.")

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Download both signs with instruction sheet.


Aging is MY business because...
Aging is MY business because...

Sample Responses:
"I love my grandma."
"Elders are our greatest resource."
"We all deserve dignity & respect."


I make aging MY business by...
I make aging MY business by...

Sample Responses:
"Volunteering in my community."
"Exercising and eating well.
"Caring for an older loved one."

Director's Burman's Blog:
Challenging negative views of aging - Make it your business!

About Older Americans Month

Since 1963, people in towns and cities across the nation have used the month of May to celebrate the contributions of older Americans. It's a time to honor our elders for their legacies, but just as importantly, it is an opportunity to promote opportunities for every elder to continue to grow, thrive and contribute. The Ohio Department of Aging has sponsored Older Americans Month in the state since 1977, and we use the month to kick off a year-long theme to celebrate Older Ohioans throughout the year.

The history of Older Americans Month in Ohio...

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