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Call for Nominations - Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame

Ohio's Senior Citizens Hall of Fame honors and recognizes the vital role older adults play in their communities, state and nation while it promotes the benefits of active, productive and purposeful living at all points in our lives. Since 1978, more than 350 individuals age 60 or older have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Individuals selected for the Hall of Fame set an example for all Ohioans by leading lives not defined by age or barriers. They can be recognized for contributions and accomplishments after age 60 or for a continuation of effort and achievement begun before that age. Nominees must be outstanding in service to mankind through leadership, innovation, motivation and contribution.


  1. Nominees must be age 60 or older and a native-born Ohioan or a resident of Ohio for at least ten years. Posthumous nominations are accepted.
  2. The nominee, or a representative of the nominee if he or she is unable, must consent to this nomination.
  3. Nominees will be evaluated on one or both of these factors:
    A. The impact that their contributions and accomplishments have had in keeping Ohio on the leading edge of innovation and responsiveness to the growing and changing aging population; AND/OR
    B. The degree to which they are respected and vital members of society who continue to grow, thrive and contribute.

Selection process - All eligible nominees will be evaluated by a selection committee. Those selected may have their photos or videos taken and used at events and for general publicity, and the department reserves the right to share these photos and videos with its partners, including other state agencies, media and partners of the department. There is no compensation for the use of the photos or video.

Nominations - Use the form below to submit your nomination(s). Please read and follow the instructions carefully. You also may download a printable form to mail in. Call (614) 728-0253 with questions or to request a hard-copy nomination form.

Nominee information - Please provide all information requested. Birthdate will be used to determine eligibility only and will be shared with the selection committee, but will not be published or shared with any other party or used for any other purpose without the nominee's knowledge and consent.

Nominee's name:
Street address: County:
City/State/ZIP: Day phone:
Birthdate: Cell phone:
Native Born OhioanOhio Resident for 10+ Years
Nominee's major field(s) of endeavor, check all that apply:
Health/FitnessCommunity ActivismScience/Medicine
Family contact - Please provide the name and contact information of a relative or close friend of the honoree (other than the nominator) that we may use as a back-up contact.
Family contact:
Street address: City/State/Zip:
Day phone: E-mail:
Relationship to nominee:
Nominator information - Please provide your contact information. If you are nominating on behalf of an organization, please note so along with your name. You will be notified if this nominee is or is not selected.
Nominator's name:
Street address: Day phone:
City/State/Zip: E-mail:
Organization (if applicable):
By checking the box below, you attest that you have verified that the information provided on this nomination form and any related attachments is factual and accurate.
I do so attest.Date:
Nominee's consent - By checking the box below, you attest that you have received consent from the nominee or his or her representative to submit this nomination. We may request a signature of consent to verify. Nominations without consent will not be considered.
I do so attest.Date:

Essay - Please type or paste below an essay that explains why you feel the nominee is worthy of being inducted into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame. Your essay should be approximately 1,000 words. Include the following information as applicable:

  • Details of contribution(s) and achievement(s) - Please be as descriptive and specific as possible. Describe the who, what, when, where, why and how of those efforts that make the nominee worthy of selection. Include dates.
  • Length of service - Describe how long the nominee engaged in this endeavor and indicate if he or she is still working to that end. Include beginning and ending dates.
  • Impact on major field(s) of endeavor - Describe how the nominee's work has enhanced or raised awareness or visibility of his or her field(s). Where appropriate, briefly mention other works and individuals that the nominee has influenced.
  • Positive image of aging - Explain how the nominee sets an example for his or her peers and younger generations by leading an active and positive life not defined by age or barriers.
  • Unusual circumstances or difficulties - Describe barriers that the nominee had to overcome to accomplish his or her achievement. Examples include personal health, family situations, social pressures, financial limitations, etc.
  • Awards, recognitions and honors - List only honors relevant to the field(s) of endeavor for which the person is being nominated, and for each one, give dates and briefly describe the significance.
  • Boards, commissions and organizations - List only those affiliations that are relevant to the field(s) of endeavor for which the person is being nominated. Describe the capacity of service and any offices held along with the number of years the nominee held those offices.

Other materials - You may submit other materials (e.g., résumé, news articles, commendations, photos, etc.) to support your nomination, provided they are relevant to the field(s) of endeavor for which the person is being nominated. Please call 614-728-0253 for instructions on submitting additional documentation. Do not send originals, we cannot return them.