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Ohio Department of Aging Boomerang

Boomerang: It all comes back to you!


Boomerang has ceased production, but you can still browse archived issues below.

Get the latest news and updates from Aging News and Perspective and our press releases.


Archived Issues

October 2013
My Life: Six simple everyday exercises to enhance your balance and prevent falls
My Family: Ombudsmen help nursing home residents know their rights and expect excellence
My Community: Golden Buckeyes: Unleash YOUR Power!
My Future: As you winterize your home, can you also "futurize" it!

July, August and September 2013
No issue were produced

June 2013
My Life: Eight ways to keep your cool this summer
My Family: When was the last time your dad saw the doctor?
My Community: With a shortage of geriatricians, elder care takes a village
My Future: How do you want to say your final farewells?
My Words: Growing up in a world at war

May 2013
My Life: Fight allergies on three battlefields
My Family: Does your family have a plan to be healthy?
My Community: Four ways to get great customer service every time
My Future: Four person-centered aspects everyone considering long-term care should look for
My Words: When the Allies landed in Normandy, Ohioans were there

April 2013
My Life: Solo vacations can be individual adventures
My Family: Four myths that could prevent your loved ones from enjoying your legacy
My Community: Forget about the "perfect" résumé and focus on the "right now" résumé
My Future: Long-term planning for housing and changing lifestyle needs
My Words: Though far from battle, those on the home front felt the impact of WWII

March 2013
My Life: When you spring forward, do you pay for it in slumber?
My Family: Scams prey on trust, desire to do the right thing
My Community: Consider your local senior center for a change
My Future: Narrowing the gap - putting medical technology in the hands of patients
My Words: Ohio's connections to World War II and the final days in Japan

February 2013
My Life: A tribute to the furry love of my life
My Family: Good Grief! Social activity can help with the loss of a loved one
My Community: Volunteer for the health of it!
My Future: Put more power in your pocket book
My Words: A collection of shorts from the War Era Story Project

January 2013
My Life: Urinary incontinence is not a natural part of aging and doesn’t have to affect your life
My Family: Person-centered care, in any setting, starts with respect
My Community: Mentors: Ordinary people doing simple things for extraordinary benefits
My Future: For a glimpse at your future needs, try grooming a medical family tree
My Words: January during World War II

December 2012
My Life: For maximum holiday enjoyment, stay true to how you eat, if not what you eat
My Family: Nursing home visits are best present you can give all year long
My Community: For a prosperous 2013, give yourself the gift of learning
My Future: Celebrate some tax savings at the end of the year
My Words: Ohio remembers “A day which will live in infamy”

November 2012
My Life: Now's the time to winterize your home and yourself
My Family: How to use generational differences to enhance, not strain caregiving
My Community: This season, the hills really are alive with the sound of music
My Future: Bringing long-term care home provides choice, independence and peace of mind
My Words: At 102, Jo Millhouse keeps her eyes on the road ahead, even when she's looking back

October 2012
My Life: Depression is not a normal part of aging
My Family: Three stories show the importance of communication for effective caregiving relationships
My Community: Looking to put some more jingle in tyour holidays and pockets?
My Future: Medicare Open Enrollment is a time to make crucial decisions
My Words: If there is no dance floor, Earl and Betty Miller will simply make one

May, July, August and September 2012
No issue were produced

June 2012
My Life: Your life is a great story, but only if you tell it
My Family: Grow curiously, grow connections - grow a garden
My Community: Neighbors helping neighbors is what makes a community a village
My Future: Help is available to help you understand will, trusts and probate
My Words: How caregiving bridged two lives, separated by decades

April 2012
My Life: Keeping Ohioans healthy is a community effort and individual responsibility
My Family: Technology can teach us a lot about caregiving
My Community: Logan man builds memories, strong sense of family by volunteering in nursing homes
My Future: Continuing conversations are key to relieving the pain and stress of tough situations
My Words: The phone call that forever changed my life

March 2012
My Life: What does Ozzy Osbourne know about colonoscopies that you do not?
My Family: Knit one, purl two: Crafting can be therapeutic and profitable
My Community: We can learn a lot about caring for human by listening to robots
My Future: Criminals may be targeting older adults, but Ohio is putting up a fight
My Words: Traci, a miracle baby and the power of family

February 2012
My Life: How to pick a gym that you'll actually use
My Family: How to parent your children when they become parents
My Community: Young and old can keep each other safe online
My Future: Even the savviest shoppers often settle for less on long-term care
My Words: Our neighbor, Ed

January 2012
My Life: Resolve to make realistic resolutions
My Family: No one wins when families fight about caregiving
My Community: What it means to be a mentor
My Future: "Clean up your credit now! We can fix it for you!"
My Words: Our Journey Together

December 2011
My Life: "It's just not the same without her"
My Family: Granny's got a brand new thing
My Community: What to know before turning over the dough
My Future: You have a dual role when it comes to important conversations
My Words: Role Call

November 2011
My Life: Drop the excuses - Get the flu shot, not the flu
My Family: The biggest caregiver failure is forgetting to care for yourself first
My Community: A visit is a simple gesture that can make the holidays brighter
My Future: Breaking the bank - How will you pay for long-term care?
My Words: How are you doing?

October 2011
My Life: Are you carrying your life in your wallet?
My Family: Sadie's day
My Community: A job search is one of the toughest jobs you'll have
My Future: For best long-term care plan, don't go it alone
My Words: Different Lenses

September 2011
My Life: Are you telling your doctor everything she needs to know to take care of you?
My Family: How do you talk with your children or grandchildren about global tragedies?
My Community: When it comes to résumés, the old rules do not apply
My Future: Dude, where's my Golden Buckeye Card?
My Words: "Reassurance is a daily thing"

August 2011
My Life: The pursuit of youthful beauty isn't always pretty
My Family: Want your kids to be safe? Let Grandma drive them to ball practice
My Community: Going back to school at any age
My Future: What to do when you aren't poor enough to get help
My Words: Role reversal

July 2011
My Life: I'm sorry, have you seen my car keys?
My Family: What to do when you don't know what Mom had
My Community: What is Twitter and how can you use it?
My Future: When is too late to start saving for retirement?
My Words: From the care recipient's perspective

June 2011
My Life: What the livability movement can teach you about your home
My Family: Can I leave him behind and still enjoy my vacation?
My Community: What is LinkedIn and why should you use it?
My Future: Don't be misled about annuities
My Words: Watching a loved one fade

April/May 2011
My Life: Gardening without gardens - Exploring new dimensions
My Family: Finding the right set of wheels for life's highway
My Community: Your online job search starts with picking the job site that is right for you
My Future: Fixing a billion dollar drain starts with you
My Words: My travels with Mom

March 2011
My Life: Just how reusable is "reusable?"
My Family: A prescription for prevention
My Community: Helping others understand their insurance options
My Future: Should you put your mortgage in reverse?
My Heritage: My First Salary

February 2011
My Life: Why is it so difficult to live a healthy lifestyle?
My Family: Preparing for the worst - How to prevent a loved one from wandering
My Community: What do you want to be when you grow up?
My Future: The check is NOT in the mail
My Heritage: Dealing our way from eviction to the farm

January 2011
My Life: Your health needs a manager
My Family: What's a little money among family?
My Community: How to make the most of your charitable contributions
My Future: Health care reform changes in 2011 for people with Medicare
My Heritage: The Great Depression, school and my two front teeth

December 2010
My Life: Decoding the mystery math behind nutrition facts labels
My Family: "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"
My Community: Should you really be yourself on Facebook?
My Future: When it comes to financial planning, should you do it yourself or hire a pro?
My Heritage: The Great Depression and Show Business in Toledo

November 2010
My Life: Eating well with diabetes doesn't have to be about avoidance
My Family: Long-term care comes home
My Community: All kinds of help are just three digits away
My Future: They say I should review my Medicare plan, but what am I looking for?
My Heritage: Victoria's Depression-era Secret

October 2010
My Life: "I'm sorry, what did you say?" - How important is your hearing to you?
My Family: Growing older with our pets
My Community: Celebrating 20 years of access
My Future: Get smart about credit
My Heritage: Horses of the Great Depression

September 2010
My Life: A beat of your own - Living with atrial fibrillation
My Family: "It's different now" - More older couples are getting divorces
My Community: Was it something you said?
My Future: A bed to lie on, a chair to roll in
My Heritage: "You had to make your own job"

August 2010
My Life: Get Shot: If Not For Your Sake, Do it For Them
My Family: Locked in the Moment: A Personal Story About Grief and Advance Directives
My Community: What Does Your Résumé Really Say About You?
My Future: The Paying-For-Elder-Care Puzzle
My Heritage: "Eat it up; wear it out; make it do."

July 2010
My Life: You, Your Parents and the "S" Word
My Family: Having "The Talk," Part 2 - Planning for the End of Life
My Community: When Does "Helping Out" Become Caregiving?
My Future: Identity Crisis - What to Do if You Lose Your Wallet
My Heritage: The Depression Fostered the Spirit of Adventure

June 2010
My Life: Sun Kissed or Sun Burned?
My Family: Having "The Talk," Part 1 - Hanging up the Keys
My Community: Make Care Your Next Career
My Future: The Lost (and Found) Art of the Haggle
My Heritage: Living Through the Great Depression

May 2010
My Life: Age Strong! Live Long!
My Family: Tell Your Story
My Community: Are You Short-timing It?
My Future: Take Action Against Consumer Fraud
My Heritage: "The Lord Always Hears the Widow Scrape the Bottom of the Barrel"

April 2010
My Life: Doth Thine Eyes Deceive Thee?
My Family: Living After Someone You Love Has Gone
My Community: The Benefits of Public Libraries Go Beyond the Books
My Future: Elder Law: When Should You Call a Specialist?
My Heritage: Our Great Depression

March 2010
My Life: Matters of the Heart... and Kidneys, Liver and Lungs
My Family: Crafty Ways to Unite Generations
My Community: You Have a Lot to Learn... and Unlearn
My Future: You Comparison Shop for Shampoo, Why Not Insurance?
My Heritage: "I Didn't Even Realize I Was Poor..."

February 2010
My Life: The Never-ending Quest for the Fountain of Youth
My Family: Stand Up and Be Counted
My Community: Bringing Work Home with You... Permanently!
My Future: Retiring With Debt
My Heritage: "There Were No Soup Lines in Our Barnyard"

January 2010
My Life: Is the Dating Scene Getting Grayer?
My Family: Don't Get Burned
My Community: Age Labels - What They Say About You
My Future: You Got Laid Off, Now What?
My Heritage: "Like Living on an Island"

December 2009
My Life: It's a Matter of Balance
My Family: Great Gift Ideas for the Older Relative
My Community: Know Before You Go - Making the Most of a Visit to a Nursing Home
My Future: Resolve to Improve Your Financial Health
My Heritage: Mr. Yocum, Saving Gas and Twins for Christmas

November 2009
My Life: How to Stay Active and Eat Well at Holiday Gatherings
My Family: Caregiving Doesn't Take a Holiday
My Community: The Best Gift You Can Give at the Holidays
My Future: The Five Most Important Things to Know About Medicare Rx Open Enrollment
My Heritage: "We Lived No Better, and No Worse"

October 2009
My Life: Take the Time to Talk About Your Prescriptions
My Family: Is Your Home Visitable?
My Community: How Will You Make a Difference?
My Future: Financial Planning for Long-term Care
My Heritage: Were These "The Good Old Days?"

September 2009
My Life: Harvesting the Benefits of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
My Family: How to Select a Home Care Provider
My Community: Getting Social Online
My Future: Where There's A Will, There Are Questions
My Heritage: When We Were Kids

August 2009
My Life: When It Won't Go Away - Managing Chronic Disease
My Family: Put the Emphasis on Family This Grandparent's Day
My Community: Is It Time to Give Your Career a Makeover?
My Future: Important Milestones on the Road to Medicare
My Heritage: "I Coulda Done Worse"

July 2009
My Life: Using Herbal Supplements Wisely
My Family: Three Generations Bound by Caring
My Community: Get the Most from Multigenerational Workplaces
My Future: Finding Cash and Benefits Online
My Heritage: Ice Slivers, Popsicles and Isaly's Klondikes

June 2009
My Life: So, How Much Do You Exercise?
My Family: Who is Abusing Eleanor?
My Community: Sell Yourself as a Volunteer
My Future: Do You Need Long-term Care Insurance?
My Heritage: A House Isn't a Home

May 2009
My Life: Big Benefits from Small Gardens
My Family: The Kids are Almost Moved Out, Now Mom Wants to Move In
My Community: Is Your Résumé Discriminating Against You?
My Future: I Got My Credit Report, Now What?
My Heritage: The Great Depression and the Victory Diner