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June 2010

Ohio Senior Levy Revenue Tops $143 Million
All Five Senior Services Levies Pass on May Ballot

Ohio voters approved all five senior specific levies on the May 4 general election ballot, in addition to the Cuyahoga County human services levy that benefits the region's older population. Citizens in 72 counties benefit from levies, including 70 countywide levies and 14 municipal levies, which will generate more than $143 million in annual revenue for local programs and services.

Senior Services Levies

In addition to state and federal funding, several Ohio counties, townships and villages use local senior services tax levies to enhance and expand services to older adults. The resources most often funded by these levies include nutrition, transportation, in-home services (such as home-delivered meals and home health aides) and senior center administration. Some of the levies also will support home repair and chore services, emergency response systems, caregiver assistance and wellness promotion.

Based on a 2006 study by the Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education, more than 90 percent of Ohio's senior service levies have been successful at the ballot box, with an average passage rate of 65 percent of the vote. Of the five levies passed on May 4, three counties (Clark, Ottawa and Trumbull) captured 72 percent or more of the vote.

County Current Millage Millage Requested Estimated Revenue Type Passed
Clark 1.00 1.00 $ 2,300,000 Renewal 72%
Ottawa 0.03 0.30 $ 443,900 Renewal 77%
Paulding 0.50 0.50 $ 153,000 Renewal 66%
Crawford 0.75 0.60 $ 580,000 Replace/Increase 64%
Trumbull 0.75 0.75 $ 2,300,000 Renewal 73%
Estimated Revenue Expected $ 5,776,900      
Cuyahoga 2.90 2.90 $ 86,000,000 Renewal 66%

Sources: Ohio News Network, local newspapers, county auditors and county boards of election.

The Department of Aging monitors and tracks levies statewide. A list of current levies, including millage and estimated revenue, is available on the department's Web site.

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