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The Ohio Department of Aging

Ohio Department of Aging Featured Proposals from Other Agencies

The Code of Federal Regulations says, "The Older Americans Act intends that the State agency on aging shall be the leader relative to all aging issues on behalf of all older persons in the State. This means that the State agency shall proactively carry out a wide range of functions related to advocacy, planning, coordination, interagency linkages, information sharing, brokering, monitoring and evaluation, designed to lead to the development or enhancement of comprehensive and coordinated community based systems in, or serving, communities throughout the State. These systems shall be designed to assist older persons in leading independent, meaningful and dignified lives in their own homes and communities as long as possible." (45 CFR 1321.7(a))

Section 173.01 of the Revised Code requires any state agency filing a rule proposal with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) to notify ODA of the proposal if it would primarily affect older Ohioans. The section also establishes a process for ODA to suggest ways to improve such a rule proposal. (Cf., 45 CFR 1321.13(a)(1))

Section 3923.50 of the Revised Code requires the Ohio Department of Insurance to consult with ODA on rule proposals that it files with JCARR regarding the Ohio Long-Term Care Insurance Program.

Additionally, section 5162.66 of the Revised Code requires the Ohio Department of Medicaid to consult with ODA on rule proposals that it files with JCARR regarding the Resident Protection Fund.

ODA intends to feature certain state and federal rules of interest below, as well as executive orders. ODA does not intend to feature every rule or executive order of interest below.

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Featured Proposals:

Ohio Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services: Ambulette Rules
4766-3-01 Definitions.
4766-3-02 Application for initial or renewal licensure.
4766-3-03 Fees.
4766-3-04 Physical facilities.
4766-3-05 Transportation records.
4766-3-06 Communication requirements.
4766-3-07 Ambulette license plates.
4766-3-08 Vehicle inspections and equipment requirements.
4766-3-09 Maintenance documentation.
4766-3-10 Equipment requirements.
4766-3-12 Temporary and disaster operations.
4766-3-13 Driver training and qualifications.
4766-3-14 Regulations for out of state providers.
4766-3-15 Changes to be reported to the board.
4766-3-16 Investigations.
4766-3-17 Disciplinary grounds.
4766-3-18 Incorporated by reference.

Ohio Dept. of Health: Direct Care Provider Employees-Criminal Records Checks [for nursing homes, hospice, and assisted living] Comment period ends on April 6, 2017.

Hearing Aide Dealers and Fitters Licensing Board
4747-1-01 Public notice - rules.
4747-1-03 Licensing requirements.
4747-1-05 Duties of the chairman.
4747-1-06 Duties of the vice-chairman.
4747-1-07 Duties of the secretary.
4747-1-10 Reciprocity.
4747-1-14 Trainees.
4747-1-15 Fraud and/or misrepresentation, suspension, revocation or refusal of issuance of licenses and trainee permits
4747-1-16 Advertising.
4747-1-19 Rules on appropriate test procedures.
4747-1-20 Sunshine law.
4747-1-21 Rules governing personal information systems.

Ohio Dept. of Medicaid Rules Affecting the Assisted Living Program
5160-1-06.5 Home and community based services (HCBS) waivers: assisted living.
5160-33-02 Definitions for the assisted living home and community based services waiver (HCBS) program.
5160-33-04 Enrollment process for assisted living home and community based services (HCBS) waiver program.
5160-33-05 Provider conditions of participation for the assisted living home and community based services (HCBS) waiver program.
5160-33-06 Covered services for the assisted living services home and community based services (HCBS) waiver program.
5160-33-07 Assisted living home and community based services (HCBS) waiver rate setting.

Ohio Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services (Consolidating Rules on Residential Facilities)
5122-30-01 Purpose of rules.
5122-30-02 Applicability of rules.
5122-30-03 Definitions.
5122-30-04 Licensure application and procedures.
5122-30-05 Issuance and conditions of full, probationary and interim licenses.
5160-33-06 Covered services for the assisted living services home and community based services (HCBS) waiver program.
5122-30-07 Waivers and variances.
5122-30-08 Exclusions.
5122-30-09 Maximum resident and household capacity.
5122-30-10 Fines.
5122-30-11 Inspections.
5122-30-12 Safety.
5122-30-13 Nutrition and food safety.
5122-30-14 Sleeping and living space.
5122-30-15 Housekeeping and property maintenance.
5122-30-16 Incident notification and risk management.
5122-30-17 Seclusion and restraint.
5122-30-18 Requirements for accessibility and communications.
5122-30-19 Facility administration and management.
5122-30-20 Qualifications of staff.
5122-30-21 Staffing requirements.
5122-30-22 Resident rights and grievance procedure for class one facilities.
5122-30-22.1 Resident rights and grievance procedure for class two and class three facilities.
5122-30-23 Facility records.
5122-30-24 Resident agreement.
5122-30-25 Skilled nursing care and changes in a resident's health status.
5122-30-26 Provisions of personal care in type one and two facilities.
5122-30-27 Transfer and discharge rights.
5122-30-28 Medication.
5122-30-29 Provision of mental health services in type 1 facilities.
5122-30-30 Social, recreational and leisure activities.
5122-30-31 Background investigations for employment.
5122-31-01 Mental health board/mental health agency procedures for residential state supplement (RSS) placements for persons with mental illness.
5122-31-02 Mental health board/mental health agency accountability rule related to adult care facility (ACF) placements for persons with mental illness.
5122-33-01 Definitions.
5122-33-02 General prohibitions.
5122-33-03 License application and renewal procedures.
5122-33-04 Application review process.
5122-33-05 Issuance, renewal, and denial of licenses.
5122-33-06 Inspections; access to facilities; standards of conduct.
5122-33-07 Notice of violations and opportunity to correct.
5122-33-08 Change in statement of ownership; closure, transfer, or sale of facility.
5122-33-09 Fire protection standards for adult family homes.
5122-33-10 Building and fire safety requirements for adult group homes.
5122-33-11 Water, sewage and plumbing requirements for adult care facilities.
5122-33-12 Facility management responsibilities.
5122-33-13 General staffing requirements.
5122-33-14 Additional staffing requirements.
5122-33-15 Record keeping.
5122-33-16 Resident agreement; other information to be provided upon admission.
5122-33-17 Personal care services; resident medications; home health care.
5122-33-18 Resident assessments; mental health plan for care.
5122-33-19 Changes in residents' physical health and behavioral status; incidents.
5122-33-20 Dietary services.
5122-33-21 Laundry services; activities; resident property.
5122-33-22 Space, equipment, safety, and sanitation.
5122-33-23 Residents' rights.
5122-33-24 Transfer and discharge rights.
5122-33-25 Waivers.
5122-33-26 Imposition of civil penalties.
5122-33-27 Suspending admission of residents to an adult care facility.
5122-33-28 Background investigations for employment.
5122-35-01 Introduction and definitions.
5122-35-02 Certification.
5122-35-03 Operator standards.
5122-35-04 Caregiver standards.
5122-35-05 Facility standards.
5122-35-06 First aid standards.
5122-35-07 Fire safety standards.
5122-35-08 Denial or revocation of certification.
5122-35-09 Responsibilities of operators.
5122-35-10 Resident rights.
5122-35-11 Background investigations for employment.